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After the stellar success of its first space design competition, Visions de Mars 2017, seen by more than 70,000 people, the Xenos Initiative, a non-profit organization whose main interest is to bring together the world of design and science with creative exercise, reached further in space.

In collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency, the Cosmodome, the Center for Research in Astrophysics of Quebec, the Notman House and the Faculté de l’Aménagement of the University of Montreal, our new project finally united the worlds of design and science with a unique proposition in Canada. The contest, open to all canadian university students in the field of design, architecture, planning and physics, created an exclusive exhibition and reward the best teams with more $1000 in prizes.

The goal of the Solar Ecosystem ideation competition was to conceptualize an habitat, an architectural ensemble, a city, a vehicle, an object, or even a complete exploration strategy in a precise and distant place of our cosmic neighborhood. Unlike our previous workshop, we imposed each team of designers and university scientists a different place in our solar system to encourage them to invest the planets, moons, asteroids and celestial bodies that orbit around the same star as our homeland.


-Subscriptions of the competition: March 15 to March 31, 2018

-Official launch of the competition: March 29, 5pm @ the Faculty of Design of the University of Montreal

-Project submission: May 23 at midnight

-Launch of the exhibition: June 8 at 7 pm @ Notman House, Saint-Urbain Room, Montreal

-Temporary exhibition: July to September 2018 @ Cosmodôme, Laval

-Permanent exhibition: January 2019 @ the Library of the Canadian Space Agency

For more informations, write to us at info@initiativexenos.com.


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