TEAM MEMBERS: Juliette Villemer, Lou Jeandel


Mission Sub Luna‘s astronauts have been on the ground at the lunar south pole for months. The autonomous robots explored and secured the tunnel formed by lava flows. Stretching over tens of kilometers, it allows a great potential for appropriation by Man since the scale ratio, allows him not to feel confined, yet under the Moon. Space engineers installed a dome at the tunnel skylight in order to pressurize the entire underground and allow the construction of an elevator connecting the lunar surface to its den.

            The underground habitat proposed by Sub Luna, protects from solar radiation, meteorites and offers its own atmosphere. Human comfort being the basis of the project, it allows to install an advanced base of research and space exploration for future expeditions, but especially to install a real autonomous colony. The different modules will easily add new structures in the future, the colony being organized along four axes: command, housing, research and farming. The underground is dotted with large skylights that capture solar radiation for fourteen days. The next fourteen days, when the night has taken hold of the Moon, the skylights become diffusers thanks to their shimmering surfaces.